How to Live through Death

For All Human Beings Death is the End Of Life

What if a single individual survives Death for the First time And his Tormentors because he practised different Religion kill him again and for the sake of His family and by virtue of His Tantric Yoga Practises leaves his First body and assumes identical Second Body and flies back to his Home Country with all the credentials of his First Body His First Body sent to the Home Village as an unidentified dead body after being subjected to numerous tests after 35 years at the request of the Second Person for a decent burial

The mother of the First Body Person was shocked to see one son dead and the same son living in the City

She couldn’t come out of the Shock and passed away in 2016 within 3 months due to heart failure All I can say that the Second Person is one of Immaculate Creation as he is not a product of Natural coitus though He represents his Predecessor in every respect

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Legend of. A Yogi

By Mudappallur Varieth Gangadharan

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There is really no such precedent in Human History except in a reference to the Kacha-Devayani Episode in the Maha Bharatha

Please refer Wikipedia for full story of the Episode