Be in the Comfort Zone

The CZ or Comfort Zone is our mental faculty where we are at ease Ease when added to a person becomes PEACE and taken with leisure becomes Pleasure It is a feeling Deep with that transforms the way you look at things Therefore it is immensely important to be at ease always with whatever we do but one thing The CZ is So captivating that you don’t like to come out of it It is sort of addictive but with no bad side effects You feel good always Is that bad? It goes back to those days when you were a kid free from worries because your parents were there to take care of you Please invoke that feeling of Comfort within you and you are already in CZ within a trice You know that worries don’t solve problems They only aggravate them So from today be in the CZ as long as you can It loosens you a bit and gets you that dose is Serotonin for the day

So Long


Easiest Way to beat Life Style Diseases

Of course most of us have our share of Life Style Diseases Many Of us are doing workouts taking walks and popping pills How many of us have really succeeded in our attempts Not that we weren’t serious enough but we we weren’t informed about the right methodology

There is one Yoga breathing technique which will solve many of our health issues but do consult your Doc as the situation improves and you shouldn’t suffer from overdose of medicines

It is called Kapal Bhatthi

Kapal means Head and Bhatthi means cleaning It ensures more oxygenation of your Brain Improves Digestion Lowers Blood sugar and HT

The Technique

Sit in a comfortable position eyes and mouth closed and inhale through the nose and exhale rapidly with your stomach almost touching the inside of your spine Once exhalation is complete through the nose then inhalation is automatic Again exhale forcefully One inhalation and exhalation constitutes one breath please do 25 breaths at a stretch and round off with a deep inhalation and exhalation please don’t exceed 25 breaths at a time In a day you can do 2 rounds initially then gradually increase it to 4 rounds You will notice the return of your natural hunger you will beat Depression and have clear thinking When your Health improves still you continue

It is inexpensive and can contribute so much that we can introduce the practice for our daily healthy life


Expect the Least

When your expectations are tuned

to zero or nil and you carry on with your work then the Universal Mind or Spirit will descend on you and you will discover your Blissful Nature This indeed is the gist of all Spiritual Writings handed over to Humanity over generations


The Right Meditation

Very often we come across people presenting various Meditation techniques But which is the right one That techniques which is effortless to the mind and therefore which is Natural and that which calms the mind So far in my life journey I came across only one technique which is most natural

The Technique

At every Junction Point which are called Chakras just imagine a lake or a pond calm and serene It is preferably taken as Horizontally placed Your thought or attention is the stone or any object that falls in the middle of the Pond What happens next A series of waves are generated throughout one after another just observe those waves It keeps coming one after another without any stoppage Go to the next chakra Observe the same thing This way you can sit for hours observing the waves thereby calming your mind and hitching on to Infinity

Your tensions drop and you will become so relaxed that you might doze off

Try this technique and see the tangible benefits


I will Die to Live

Life is not about dying Life is about Living What do I mean by that

Yes it is about confronting Death not once but three times Yet I emerged vibrating with Life thrice after Death The attacks were uninvited taken me by surprise shocked the attackers who fled all were unreported because they were religiously and politically motivated

Unmoved I stuck to my Mantra and the Lord did everything He knew that my Life was absolutely necessary for my family I never drifted from my Path of Kriya Yoga

However I have my duties charted out My Karma Therefore I died only to Live I had my cloned body flown down to be cremated after 35 years

All tests done on the body while I am still alive and kicking in another part of the World Same person cloned over spiritually It was prevalent long ago this practice Kindly refer Kacha-Devayanai Episode in the Mahabharata

So nodoubt Death has the Final day but only when you decide


Enjoy the Pain

It may seem odd but surely it works

If you are bedridden in Hospital shouting in pain calm down just start enjoying the pain Just imagine the pain Lord Jesus would have had while being crucified your pain is just nothing in comparison Just bear it with a grin or smile Pain and Pleasure are of the same genre relating to the body Just forget both and you will not feel it hurting For easy relaxing breathe through the nose in and exhale through your mouth just do it for 10 minutes and you will be totally relaxed please keep your tongue tip touching the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth always This ensure your flow of spiritual energy always

Keep going my Friends Have a Nice Sunday

Short sighted Policies and Starving Humanity

Is not our planet producing enough food for our teeming millions

Why then do starvation deaths occur with clockwork regularity

Why have our modern day economists and policy makers have turned a blind eye to the worlds economic ills The Rich nations should function as Trustees Of the Poorer Nations learn to give and not to grab All major Religions have failed Humanity because they failed to address the concerns of the Poor

So too have the Governments

Let there be a reorientation a re think to bring the concerns of the poor across nations and to avoid tensions in the name of Religion