All the GODS

All the GODs we worship were all humans in the beginning They became GODs due to their Selfless Love which enables them to bless us all They became all powerful because they could align themselves with the Cosmos People tell stories of their miracles and exploits so as to form sects and religions Infact they all draw their power from the same cosmic intelligence If you make your mind and body still then you too can do miracles That is GOD for you

Post on Liberation

You are liberated when the Reality you see you feel like a dream It appears illusory you have cut the veil of Maya Feeling this way nothing will affect you at all That is the effect of the Spiritual Heart awakening Be with it always You would have expanded your consciousness You can You will MVGFCA

A Cure all for all mental disorders

A restless mind is the true reason for all mental problems How do you get peace from all these depressing vengeful delusionary thoughts?The answer is simple Rest your mind in the spiritual heart At once your depression will disappear On the right side of your chest in the middle a fingers length from the sternum lies the Spiritual Heart It is the seat of the soul Concentrate there You will experience pulsation or throbbing Don’t worry just continue when you go to bed just keep your mind in the Spiritual Heart You will sleep like a baby Keep doing it whenever you have the time It will calm your mind for it has reached it’s source Within a month you will be transformed your Mind steady and happy Try this out MVGFCA


Being Fired up

Yes that indeed is the End Being always fired up always Not losing hope in the midst of adversity They call it Urdhava Rethus meaning upward moving The Brain will be firing up with the Kundalini All Peace and Fire A Rare combination Like Fire and Ice The Witness of the whole process is the Self That which You really are Nothing more to be desired That is the BE all and END all of our existence Unless you try You will not get there Good Luck MVGFCA

Where Heaven is

Heaven is not somewhere outside It is within the body It is known as the Spiritual Heart It is located one finger away from the middle of the chest just about the right breast Concentrate on the SH The Soul will guide you relaxingly It is the abode of peace and beatitude Be there always It will transform you MVGFCA

A Solution to River Water Disputes

What ever the number of dams being constructed the river water should be shared equally between all interested states The state of origin should retain its share and release the balance on hourly basis The balance released water to be distributed between all the remaining states on receipt basis Follow this equitable principle Don’t waste time fighting MVGFCA

The Vast space called Emptiness

The Vast space called Emptiness is really GOD It is Love Sustenance Creation and then Destruction that leads to further Creation and thus the Cycle moves on and on All Religions are full of stories to hide this Truth GOD is right here before us behind us above us and below us Everywhere HE supports us If only we manage to see HIM everywhere and in everything There is no place without HIM That indeed is the Ultimate Truth Rest all a pack of Lies only To divide Mankind That is all MVGFCA

How to chant the mantra without beads

Of course you have to chant the mantra 108 times without beads or rosary It is easy Use your right hand and count 1 now raise your fingers of the right hand one by one After completing all the five fingers Count 2 and do the raising of the fingers one by one again by the end of count 21 you would have chanted 105 times Then count 22 and chant 3 times to complete 108 This will prevent overlap and diversion of the mind You can chant any number of 108 times as you wish God Bless MVGFCA